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As followers of my blog are aware, back in February I volunteered with the SchoolBox organization in Nicaragua and assisted with the building of a school in the rural community of Jardines de Apoyo.  If you click on the ‘SchoolBox Trip’ menu item you can see all my posts related to this amazing opportunity.  I am so excited to share with my followers the videos of the opening ceremonies that were help at the school on July 3rd.  If you look through my pictures in my posts you will see just how far the facilities have come in this community.

I am truly honoured to have been a part of this process and I am looking forward to having an opportunity to join a build again.  When I return to work in September, I plan on sharing this experience with my grade 5/6  class and hope to inspire them to help make a difference.

More information on SchoolBox can be found on their website at

I have included a few of the videos of the opening provided by SchoolBox.  This is a link to the all videos on the SchoolBox Flickr feed.  This is a link to the photos from the opening on the SchoolBox Flicker feed.


Here is an update from SchoolBox on the project that I was a part of back in February.  I can only imagine how excited, the student, teachers and members of the community must be.


SchoolBOX – May 2014 – Construction Update at Brett #3 School.

SchoolBOX – May 2014 – Construction Update at Brett #3 School

Here is a video that shows the progress that has been made at the school in Jardines de Apoyo also known as Brett #3 .  The pictures below the video are ones I took on my first day of the build Feb 21, 2014.

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This was our last full day in Nicaragua.  We spent the morning wandering and exploring the streets in Leon. We then headed off down the highway to spend our last night in Managua.  We had a celebration dinner there at the SchoolBox office.  I decided to not bring my camera to the celebration and just take the night in.

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