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Finally got around to editing and uploading my final dive video from Australia.  This one is from a site called Steve’s Bommie.  As you can see in the video there were a lot of fish swimming around.  It was neat to see them all.


Here is the video of the shark feed dive. I left the audio in this time so that you can hear the rattling of the metal as the sharks go at the food. Also, I didn’t jump ahead in to the future, I do need to fix the date on the video.


This is my first attempt at creating and posting a video of my diving trip. It was the first time I had used the camera underwater.

On My Way Home!

Posted: December 15, 2013 in Australia Trip


On December 5, I flew from Hobart to Sydney to spend my last night in Australia.  As I only had one night and needed to repack some of my luggage, I decided to just stay at the hotel at the airport.

On December 6, the plane in the picture was waiting for me at Sydney Airport to take me back home to Ontario.  After flying for 14.5 hours we set down in Vancouver and deplaned at 7:40 and had to clear, customs, pick up and recheck luggage and clear security  to be back on the same plane  for the 9am flight to Toronto. That was an adventure as I learned not to place breakable jar looking things in the shoes that are in your carry on.  This leads to a luggage search at security.